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Hello LJ/DW! It's been a while, but I am back now. I couldn't resist the chance to write a 2014 year-in-review post :)

2014 was the year we packed up our life in the UK and started again in Toronto, just for the hell of it. It was the year we crossed Canada by train, fell in love with the prairies, ate local sustainable food with the geeky environmentalists of Saskatoon, celebrated Pesach with the Jews of Winnipeg, learned how to live and support ourselves in a different country, together. It was the first year of hockey - the very first game I ever saw was the 2014 Winter Classic, on New Year's Day last year. It was the year we rented a tiny flat in the Annex near the University of Toronto campus, and furnished it as if we were students again ourselves - furniture from Craigslist, crockery passed on to us by strangers, pots and pans found in boxes on the street. There were new local restaurants, tea shops and cafes - eating out is so cheap here, and we've found so many places we love. There were long Friday nights at shul with new friends, sitting around the table after potluck dinner and chatting until the candles burned low and we were the only people left in the building.

I met a man in a cafe who offered me my dream job at his literary agency; Joe's old boss introduced him to somebody who was looking for a young accountant for a new role at his firm. I worked in a shop for a while, and then got a new part-time job online so that I didn't have to do that any more (one day I hope I'll earn enough agency commission to be able to give that up too - but for now, it's good. I'm not in a rush). We built a real life for ourselves, here in a new country, both of us doing the thing that we want to do. We did it together, and no matter what happens after this, for the rest of my life I will be glad that we did this.

It's been a very emotional year. I have cried a lot, about many different things, on the slightest provocation. I am overwhelmed by glorious new manuscripts found in my slush pile, songs sung at shul on Friday nights, the Neilah service (at which I wept like a child for the very first time, and now I think I understand much better what Yom Kippur is meant to do), warm taiyaki from the Korean supermarket, seeing my parents (in real life and also sometimes on Skype), sunsets, snow, sitting in my favourite alcove in my favourite tea shop, having friends, missing friends, seeing Joe coming home from work in his huge warm coat with his glasses all steamed up from the cold outside. I suspect it makes me quite hard to live with, but...well, I'm an expat brat, and when I was little all of my dreams of Being an Adult consisted of living in a land that was foreign to me, with a man whom I loved. And then when I was nineteen I realised that, even though that's how things worked out for my parents and both my sets of grandparents, it's actually not just a thing that magically happens - you had to make it happen for yourself, and the man in question didn't seem keen on any of the countries of my imaginings and I couldn't think of any jobs I would enjoy that would get me to the places I wanted to go. And now I am nearly twenty-nine and I am living that life, and I'm just so surprised and thankful that we managed to find a way to make it happen, that emotion just leaks out of me every time I think about it. Here's hoping it continues into next year (but maybe I'll try and cry less about it all from now on).

Big goals for 2015: Get book deals for as many of my clients as possible, apply to extend our Canada visas.

Small goals for 2015: See more of Canada, read more actual books, blog more (both here and on my professional blog), stay on top of my slush pile, stop angsting so much over clients etc, keep loving my life here, don't take anything for granted.
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