Jan. 7th, 2014

Ice Hockey

Jan. 7th, 2014 01:49 pm
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This week I have been getting into ice hockey, because apparently I have to try all of the Canadian cliches in 2014 and this seemed like a fun one to start with.

Well, that's one reason - the other reason is because I have been thinking for a few years how it would be nice to have a sport of my own to enthuse about, and until recently I hadn't been able to find one. Joe is enthusiastic about all the sports except golf, and I would like to be able to join in with his enthusiasm and watch games with him and suchlike, but until I watched hockey I hadn't found a single sport that I could watch an entire game of without getting unbearably bored (I sometimes try with football and I'm usually okay until half-time. I quite liked playing rounders as a kid so I was hopeful about baseball, but then we went to a baseball match and it was awful). And I want to find a sport I am interested in myself, not just one that I make an effort to be interested in because my husband likes it.

So anyway, a few days ago we were talking about hockey and about how we'd be in Canada for the playoffs, and then Joe said 'shall we try and find some hockey to watch now?'. By a remarkable coincidence we caught the last twenty minutes of the NHL Winter Classic live, and it was jolly exciting. We watched our first whole game on Sunday evening (it was the Winnipeg Jets vs the Pittsburgh Penguins and it was REALLY EXCITING), and I thought it was brilliant and I'm looking forward to watching another game next weekend. I am supporting the Winnipeg Jets, because they have lots of afternoon games (which start at 6 or 7pm GMT, whereas evening games tend to start at midnight - sadly the reason why they have lots of afternoon games is because they're not very good, but you can't have everything), and also because we're visiting Winnipeg on the train and it seems like a nice place. So now I am spending my lunchbreak on Wikipedia and the NHL website trying to figure out how a hockey team works. I am slightly disconcerted by the amount of information you apparently need to know in order to Like a Sport, but I'm sure I'll manage. At least Joe will take care of all the stuff involving statistics.


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