Jan. 14th, 2014

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So, as expected, I still really really super-hate driving. I have done twenty hours of driving in the past three days and it has not been fun at all. On the bright side, there's so much to concentrate on that I don't find myself feeling constantly aware of how much I hate it - there are just these moments throughout the day, when I'm stopped at a traffic light or whatever and I suddenly have space to think, and the only thing I can think is 'oh God I am having a horrible time'. Then the traffic moves off again and I have to focus on something else.

So far I have nearly knocked over one (1) motorcyclist. It was not even faintly, slightly my fault. It was entirely the motorcyclist's fault and the fault of the white van. My instructor repeated this to me several times as if he thought it would make a difference, when in actual fact the motorcyclist would have been just as damaged whoever's fault it had been, so I don't see that it matters all that much. In the normal course of my life, none of my daily activities have the potential to kill anybody, and I really REALLY prefer it that way.

I am measuring my progress in number of cries per day. On Sunday, three (in the loos on my lunch break and tea break, and also when I got home). Yesterday, two (after the motorcyclist incident and when I got home). Today, NONE! Yay me.

This evening I have been looking at RV rental websites and going on Streetview tours of the Maritimes, to remind myself why I am actually doing this. Maybe it will all be worth it one day. Maybe one day I'll be driving down the Dempster Highway with Joe among the lakes and mountains and bears and stuff, and I'll say, 'wow, all that terror I experienced on the Hammersmith Gyratory was worth it, for this'. And then we'll probably crash into a moose or something.


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