Jan. 20th, 2014

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I had a nice weekend and I think I am better now. Massive thanks go to [personal profile] kerrypolka, for somehow mystically sensing the two points of the week at which I was most miserable, and inviting me to her house and giving me delicious cocktails until I was tolerably hammered and able to cope with the world again (actually on one occasion it was Tu b'Shevat and on the other it was Shabbat, so I guess it's not that mystical...but still. It helped a lot). Also to [personal profile] ewan, who made the cocktails and tidied up around me while I complained about how dreadful everything was. You guys are the best <3

(also to Joe, who is always amazing at coping with me when I am miserable, and did not tell me to stop whining once all weekend even though I was being exceedingly whiny).

Other good things that have happened since Friday:

- I went to the fun musical service at our shul and did loud singing while surrounded by loud children and adorable babies.
- We watched the hockey on Saturday evening and the Jets won, hurrah! (I still like hockey a lot).
- I had dinner/drinks on Sunday with various university friends and it was very nice.
- I went back to work on Monday and was super-glad to be back (which I guess is the advantage of taking a week off to do something horrible). I have been having a lovely time today organising my sections and creating a new end display for SFF ('Goblin Fruit and Other Delicacies: books inspired by folklore from around the world').
- I have started a new Nalo Hopkinson book.

There will be more driving misery next month, sadly, but it is not next month yet.


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